we know it''s a situation, everything is a situation.

Four people seem crammed into the small office yet they say, "Relax." So, I try. I used to be good at interviews. I'm not sure that I was this one. I answered all their questions, but then forgot what my question was. I still hope that I get it. That would be a welcome change from the disorganised and inefficient world of analytical prep work. (Which, by the way, has destroyed my fingernails and my fingers. All cracked from the gloves that I wear most of the day.)

There were 120 samples to grind today. I got there at 8 am and aid I would be done them by 11. I managed and I even cleaned up a bunch of older sample bags beforehand. It felt like it was taking forever in the grinding room, but it wasn't as bad as it was the first time I did 103 samples. The new table makes the suction work better. I don't feel like I have to leave the fan on after I leave to collect the hanging dust, and I don't have to spray off my hat as much with the compressed air.

I like the job, but the surroundings seem useless and at times even absurd. The people walk around as if there isn't anything to do because they don't have something right in front of them. There are conversations about non-existent tables for long periods of time. I have been told to move the same shelf 4 times to different locations. I have refused the last three times because I know if I move it they won't want it there in a week. However, it is so calm grinding soil. There aren't any people standing around watching me do my work, since it is clearly a one person activity. There is hardly a sound to be heard over the drone of the grinder and the suction fan, which are quite faint from inside my ear protection. Even in my weighing room it is calm. I can listen to CJSW and nobody asks what the heck it is we are listening to every 5 minutes. "Did you change the station? No, then it is still CJSW."

It is odd normally I like my co-workers. Well I like them just not all the time. Even at Julio's, I liked the people I was working with. Sometimes they were really stupid but that generally didn't have an effect on what I had to do. Now, if somebody is stupid then everybody seems to have to stay late to make up for this.

So, as you may see, the job is not the difficulty it is the surroundings: be they people or actual. The getting up early is mildly annoying but could be remedied with going to bed earlier.

I think that will be all for now. Oh, think happy thoughts about the Bookstore, it is closer thus getting up later.

Song: Daughters - John Mayer, Gasoline - Enter the Haggis
Book: The Chosen - Chaim Potok