End of Week Three

It's been a couple of weeks. The moustache is growing in nicely. This is one of the many photos that Heather has kindly taken of me and my mo. Of course, I was trying to dust the lens in this one. Thus far, the moustache has raised $533 for the cause.

Day 21 outtake

I have been busy at school working on my project and have written quite a bit. I am realizing that my life would've been much easier for the last several years if I had just read the calculus book at the start. I spent an enjoyable hour in the library Friday reading calculus and reminding myself of things I should just remember. It is fine though. I can't really change what I did not do before.

My experiment using LaTeX is going well. I have some quibbles with how it renders a few pages, but the document is already over 30 pages, which seems to be the limit for guaranteeing Word's cooperation, so I'll take small layout issues, and eventually solve them. The amazing ability of bibTeX to change style with such simplicity is great. My proposal, done in Word, was missing a couple full references that cited in-text and had an extra or two that I did not cite, so no longer needing to do the reference accounting is better.

thread up close

Yesterday, I made a hand strap for my camera using simple directions that Heather found. It turned out well. I think it is a bit better suited to a larger SLR than my G11, but is an improvement over both its neck strap and the plain wrist strap from my GPS. The neck strap really seems over-kill to me, but I could imagine why people would like it. Most people I see use their neck strap with SLRs but I rarely used it for anything other than a complicated wrist strap.

I am still enjoying the G11, though at times I'm torn between wishing I had the S90/95 instead and a new Rebel. It cooperates with my shooting style well, even in low light. It's ISO performance is better than my XT, which is to be expected after so many years.

The E J Pratt Library
I took this one on the way to meet Heather on Friday after school.

I think that is enough for the moment.