So tomorrow bright and early, I will be off to Toronto with Heather for the next 16 months. I am going to be working at a company called Arup. I am working on things to do with airports. It should be a good time. Heather and I have an apartment just off Yonge Street in midtown. A nice short subway ride or walk to work.

I have been sort of busy the last few weeks with exams and packing and watching all the hockey games. So far I only have two grades and they are A+ (Construction Management) and A (Open Channel Hydraulics, not called hydrology though most of the class thought it was). The first was not a really fun class and the second was pretty good. It was interesting to learn even if I probably won't use it that much in the future. (Maybe I will... I hear they do lots of that stuff in Australia.)

My last exam was Structures and it was long but I think I answered quite a lot. I really hope that it works out. My grade range in that class is Fail or 70% - 94%... I really hope I'm in the second range. I imagine I will be since I knew much of what was going on throughout the course.

What else is news... Oh I have white blood cells in my eye. We are not sure what they are doing but I have lovely eye drops to try to get rid of them and I have to get the eye checked again in May to see if they are still there. They were blurring my vision a bit in the one eye but didn't bother me that much.

Oh well, I should get back to packing, or repacking so the bags are more evenly weighted. Check out my Flickr page because I will be posting photos from my adventures in Toronto.