new Computer!

Welcome to my first post on my new eMac. I know it doesn't look any different than before but i think it's better. Anyhow I got my new computer today and am slowly getting used to a non-natural way keyboard.

I am also excited because Rhoda, Meghan, Jasmine and Linds got back today. I have talked to all of them except Meghan so far. anf cosidering they think it's 3 or 4 am i don't think i will talk to her until tomorrow.

I only have a week of painting left to do so that isn't too bad. Not that i don't like painting it's just that I am tired of doing it for now.

In better news, my CD collection is almost all on my computer. Which will facilitate my moving to edmonton since i won't need to take all those CDs, and they can sit in a box somewhere here. As well, part of my photograph collection is scanned and on this computer.

Song: random (i love iTunes)