Continuing bad Apple

So I still do not have my iBook back. I was really annoyed until I talked to the real tech fixing it today who explained all that went on. The people before don't seem to understand how to read since all he told me is logged in the computer, but they didn't bother telling me. Getting by giving vagaries about how parts were ordered and re-ordered.

Anyway, I found out that I have arrived in the much talked about iBook logic board hell that is Apple's inability to make boards that work. The first one they got at the store did not fit in the computer properly and had the wrong battery connector (which led to the belief that it was mis-labelled and not in fact a 1.2 GHz G4 logic board and something else entirely). Then after that was returned and they were allowed to order the next new board, things have sort of gone well. Except that now it doesn't recognize the hard drive or optical drive or boot from FireWire. So, he is re-dismantling it tomorrow to make sure all the connections are as they should be, but it looks like I'm 2 for 2 on faulty replacement logic boards. (The first one didn't work on their test setup after it didn't fit in the computer anyway and would've been returned to Apple anyway.)

I'm hoping it isn't faulty and I can get my computer back tomorrow, 4 weeks after taking it in, but I don't hold out hope. And probably won't get it until April 3rd at the earliest (exaclty a month after taking it in).