It would seem that my semester is over. At least the course part of it. I have to hand in a group project tomorrow. But I think it is done. Before taking that in I will be going over to Westworld to get them to give me my computer back because now at 6 weeks it is still not done. I talked to an Apple rep today on AppleCare and she told me what I had suspected all along; an iBook logic board replacement should take about 2 weeks assuming the parts are in stock with Apple. The part was in stock and I can forgive the first problem where they said they didn't get the right part. But the second time the computer should be put on the high priority list not forgotten about when I'm not calling everyday trying to get it back. Anyway, I think I will write Westworld a letter to deliver when I get there tomorrow to complain about the slow and unacceptable service.

I think next time I need my Apples fixed I will just get Apple to do it since the authorized service doesn't seem to be accountable.

I should get to studying so that I don't have to be so concerned about it next week.