computer for me

This is my first post on my new computer. It is a 12-inch iBook and it is really nice. I also got a Mighty Mouse, and I have found it much more enjoyable than my logitech two-button scroll one that I use on my eMac.

I had an interview for a job at the university today. I will see if I really get it in the next week or so. And it seems that there isn't that much to do at the bookstore anymore. When I got there today it was sort of "oh no we have a full group of workers and nothing really to do".

Umm... I dunno what else. There was a party at Jasmine's on Saturday night and it was fun. We had food and cake and played games. Fun night.

Song: What a Good Boy - Barenaked Ladies
Book: A Bill Bryson one that I don't see the title at the moment