fireworks in photos

I have uploaded a bunch of my photos from the Grandstand show on Thursday night. Much of the show I didn't care for, but the fireworks and the gymnastics were excellent.

I'm not really sure how people go down to the Stampede more than once and hang around all day walking the grounds. I really just don't see that much stuff there. I mean I have been like that last million years but I am just not sure about the attraction of the place. Oh well.

This last week I started working at the Mount Royal College book store again. It seems like it will be enjoyable. A basically straight-forward job. Unpacking books and shelving them, hopefully, in the right place.

Friday morning, I watched the Stampede parade on CFCN because I really didn't feel like getting up. Then I spent much of the rest of the day doing nothing. Heather and I went to Market Mall, I talked to Mel there, and we got some stuff to eat for dinner. Later, we watched TV with Rhoda.

Wednesday, I went to see Ladies in Lavender with Steph, Pat and Rhoda. It wasn't really my type of movie but it was a good movie. I much preferred the last two movies I saw downtown. Oh, in the preview of Mad Hot Ballroom that they played before the film, there was this song that I really wanted but I have no clue what it is called because I don't recall it from the movie. It is a song with a voice saying moves to a dance... well maybe not a specific dance, and it is set to a cool beat.

I spent a long time last night, well maybe it would be considered this morning, playing around with settings on Heather's wireless router that I borrowed so that my sister could use the Airport on her new iBook. It took forever, and I looked on the Apple Discussion forums and it would seem that many people had trouble with the LinkSys router and most of them couldn't resolve it. I managed to, though I really have no clue what it is that I changed. It could've been the MAC address filtering though that doesn't really make sense because Jamie's D-Link let me set up her iBook with filtering on and it continued to work. I guess it really doesn't matter because it is working now.

It sounds like it wants to rain or thunder storm, and there is a cold breeze coming into my window. I think I shall go check that out.

Song: Chancellor - Gordon Downie, Quel Rico el Mambo from The Motorcycle Diaries soundtrack
Book: The Economist from this previous week