Old Bridge

Old Bridge, originally uploaded by dalmond.

I am pretty sure this bridge used to be used for the railway. The multiple beams tip me off to this fact. Also, it has "Kay Gardner Beltline Park" painted on the side.

This is about 2/3 of the way on my walk home. Tomorrow, I will find out if I am going to be walking both to and from work. If there is no deal by 4pm tomorrow then we will have a transit strike, and if the Star is to be believed then it is very likely I will walk to work on Monday. I am not too unhappy about walking to work, but it is nice being able to get up at 7.40 and be at work by 8.45 (usually). I will need to be up about 7, so I can leave by 8.

I guess, I can speed up my walk even more. I have been walking home most days since my first day at Arup way back on on the last day of April last year, and have been noticing that I get home faster and faster. Friday, it only took me 42 minutes to walk the 4.8km. My timing is more reliable now that I turn on my GPS on the way home so I can easily tag my photos when I get home.