For the Crows

Crows, originally uploaded by dalmond.

I took this yesterday afternoon along West Campus Drive. It has been a quick start to the semester. I have done 2 assignments so far, while my colleges in structural engineering minor are on their 4th or so for just one course. I know mine will pick up a bit, but not to that extent.

I'm sure I could do more work but I'm ok with the state it is now. It has given me time to apply to McMaster and UofT for grad school and hopefully apply for a NSERC scholarship. Though the deadline is soon (umm Wednesday), but I think somebody will sign off on it so I'm good to go.

I was supposed to help Jasmine move today but she had troubles with her rental truck and instead I got an assignment finished and finally bought some new socks. I was running out of socks quickly as they were all getting holes. I also moved a table into my room so that I have room to do school work down here instead of just upstairs at the table.

Not much else is going on. I'm working 3 times a week and spending lots of time at the university for classes. In a couple weeks I get to see Heather. That will be fun. Hopefully it will be hot like it was last Thanksgiving. We went for a trek on Thanksgiving before dinner last year, something like 12km.