Fun Times

Last weekend was a busy one it seems. It wasn't really crazy. Friday night was low key. We had David and Lex over for dinner, hockey and cards.

Saturday, Heather went out in the morning and I took a ride up to St. Clair to get some tortillas and a tamarind Jarrito. I found that riding a bit further down Davenport gives a much shorter and less steep hill. In the evening, we went up to Thornhill for a birthday dinner.

Sunday, we went to the Blue Jays-Yankees game. We were up in the 500 level, so it was a good view of the field. Sadly, it wasn't very nice out so the roof was closed.

A pitch

Closed Roof

I haven't played with my Lensbaby for a while, so I took that with me. I got a few shots I like.



Afterwards, we had a lovely dinner at C'est What.