Promoting Engineering

Engineers, originally uploaded by dalmond.

In an unassuming building, if such a place exists in Barcelona, there is the Industrial Engineers of Catalonia offices. Why would engineering societies in Canada need to have remarkable buildings?

Although, I agree that image is worth something; I have to disagree with the principle that as engineers/future engineers, we should have to pay for the lack of promotion of engineering in the past. Money spent shouldn't be the key indicator of success in the promotion of engineering, and by building a new or buying a note-worthy property will only show that engineers have more money than ideas.

The path to promotion of engineering is to demonstrate through practice and knowledge what can be done to improve the world for society's benefit. This may be through challenging unreasonable or out-dated legislation, implementing innovative designs or stunning the public with the possibilities that lay ahead. What is most important in all these is not saying that we are great, but showing that we are great. It may take time for the general public to take notice, but time is a resource that we have ample supply.