Pond and Mountains

Pond and Mountains, originally uploaded by dalmond.

So, as the days go and the blogging competition blogs up, I have to keep up with the Joneses. I took this photo while out on a walk with my dad and Lourene.

For the past week, I have been preparing a couple applications to graduate programs at McMaster and UofT. I'm not sure if anything will come of the work I have done but I certainly hope that something good happens. I'm sort of torn. I want to start working and making money and going on vacation, but I'm not sure that I would end up doing something that I wanted to that way. This is why I am applying to these programs. My hope is that I will do some research in area that interest me and from there I will get into work that I will enjoy in the long run.

Enough of that stuff... I haven't been up to much since I've been in Calgary. Mostly just school and work. Spending most evenings at home working on the above stated applications and talking to Heather. I finally got OSX Leopard and it improved the video quality of out iChats, which was a nice feature. Went to Peter's with Meghan today and the milkshakes were as good, but $4.50 a bit steep.

I should find some un-labeled roads on the OpenStreetMap and name them like I had been doing in Toronto. I know for a fact that Rosedale isn't done here since I put the roads in a few months ago. So perhaps a quick walk through there would do. I think that's enough for now.