beginning another semester

Two days into the real semester and things are still going well. I had my first geology lab yesterday afternoon. I didn't expect to have it and thus had not gone to get the lab manual, until somebody told me just before our first lecture of the day that the labs were running. Surprisingly, it was a good lab. Today, we had our first geology lecture and it turns out that the prof only found out she was teaching the class 2 weeks ago, but she seemed quite excited to be teaching a class of engineering students. Often, profs from other departments are not excited by that fact and end up giving classes that nobody goes to.

Last night, Heather and Jamie came over and we watched Best in Show, which is a funny movie. Hopefully, Christopher Guest's new film will come out in theatres here soon, so I can enjoy that also.

I have finally uploaded all my photos from Toronto. You can find them on flickr. While on vacation, I bought myself a Lensbaby 2.0, and have been fooling around with it quite a bit recently. I will be posting some photos from it soon. Maybe tomorrow night I will make some time for that.

This hasn't been a very interesting post. Oh well.

Book: The World is Flat - Thomas L. Friedman
Song: Les Etoiles Filantes - Les Cowboys Fringants (on iTunes 7, it is cool)