Here I'll try again

I had really intended to update this more but apparently in the last 10 days I haven't gotten around to it. Since last time, I have been to the university library where they are renovating. This is the scene on one of the stacks levels. Some of the parts that are updated are quite nice. Though I rarely go to that one.

Renovation storage

Heather and I went on some walks on the long weekend. Saturday afternoon was spent enjoying soccer and hockey on TV. Sunday, we went on another ride down to Cherry Beach. This time we took some lunch with use and sat on a bench there.

Beach bikes

The weather was hot but the breeze was nice along the water.

This week has been above normal temperature-wise. We have had several days of 30 degree weather and clear skies. It hasn't been that humid so going outside hasn't felt like getting into a sauna.

Doors Open is this weekend and I hope it is as good as it has been in past years. I have found all the buildings I want to visit. With such a nice forecast, I fully expect all the buildings to be very busy.

If you want to read a nice political story, there is a well done blog post over at The Parallel Parliament about Jean Chretien's portrait hanging.

Book: From Hope to Higher Ground - Mike Huckabee (I have finished this book. I liked the first 8 chapters or so and thought the book should have ended there, but that may be partly because I don't share the author's need to make America great again. The first chapters were more applicable to anywhere.)