Break Dance...

Break Dance..., originally uploaded by dalmond.

The new semester has started. It is my last year at UofC and after 2 classes and 7 hours of work, it seems like it will be a good one. I don't work again until Friday, which is nice. Plus, I get to work during the day on Friday, so I have a free evening though nothing really to do. I'm sure I can figure something out. Maybe by then I will finally be done organizing and cleaning my room. I still have to take out a large chest of drawers full of Kaarina's clothes and such, but if I bring in my own drawers the clothing piles on the floor should disappear.

I took this photo at the Castle in Barcelona. It isn't, of course, saying to break dance as you might expect, but that there is a peril over the wall that you might fall. But it seems more fun if it mean break dance.