One lab is hard to start

Take me away

I shouldn't be writing here because I should be writing a lab up, but the problem really is that I don't feel like it. I want to be done the lab but apparently not enough to get it done.

Last night, we had Easter dinner at my house. It was a long evening that started with a late dinner (7.30 well late for my house). My aunt and her babies were over. So much of the time was spent chasing them around. I did edit a report portion sent to me by somebody in my design group. I was really just about to start working on my lab when everybody arrived and so that didn't even start yesterday. On my list of things to do it is an item for Wednesday. This weekend is supposed to be finishing a parking manual and organizing my notes so I can start studying.

I guess I will get back to the lab before the TFC game begins at 2.