This is what I have seen for the last few days on the way to work. Moon shrouded by clouds and not quite the lens to capture what I want. I guess I will switch to the 50mm from the 28mm and see what happens tomorrow.

It is almost reading week. I'm not sure how much reading I will get done. I know I will go to Toronto again and have fun there.

I'm still waiting on a reference letter for the two masters programs I applied to, but I'm sure it will arrive before the end of the month when UofT wants it in. After spending the other night making a resume, I found a job to use that resume to apply to. Of course, I have no idea which I will choose if I managed to get that job and the NSERC scholarship for school. A decision that I can make if it arises.

In other news, I'm on twitter now. There's a link to the right under my photos. I figured short messages was most of what I had been using facebook for so why not try it out.