Stay still

Stay still, originally uploaded by dalmond.

The weather is getting nice here in Toronto. Though, it is supposedly snowing tonight. (We'll see.) And it is transit strike time, but hopefully that won't happen.

A list was sent around at work asking who would need a ride to/from work if there is a strike starting on Tuesday. I decided that I would just get up a bit earlier and walk to work even though there is a possible ride for me. I figure it would take about 45 minutes to get to work since it is mostly downhill since it only takes 50 minutes to walk home back up the hills.

I am glad this week is almost over. It has felt like a long week; probably because I have had two short weeks in a row before it with Good Friday and an airport tour. However, unlike most long weeks, I had lots of work to get done, which was a nice change.

This weekend is the opening of the Toronto FC season, but I can't decide if I want to head out to a pub to watch it or not. It would probably be fun if I found a bar with lots of fans. Yet it is also nearing the end of the hockey season and the games last Saturday were quite exciting. Who knows... maybe I should just go take photos.

I have a few things to do for school, but most of them can wait so I will think/talk about them later.