Not that far

Unused Tracks and Hearn, originally uploaded by dalmond.

I went for a walk along Unwin Avenue this afternoon. After almost getting my foot wet in the ditch beside the tracks, I continued on my walk down the tracks towards the stack at the end. I did get a large amount of mud on the back of my shoe but thankfully only on the outside.

Almost the whole way down, on the left side, are places to get salt. So many dump trucks passed me. On the right side, there are sports fields, a urban forestry office and a municipal property with no trespassing signs. I think they are storing snow in the no entry area.

I had to turn around when I got to the stack, which is part of the Hearn Generating Station, because the bridge further on is apparently closed. I didn't want to walk all that way to find out since there was no other way out except back.