It is ready...

So I have been working on the bike and having a few problems. I can't get the old freewheel off the bent rim, but I don't need it since I only wanted one gear anyway.
Front and rear wheels

Today, I went out for a walk with my non working bike (I couldn't pedal because of the lack of rear cog(s) for the chain) and got myself a Dicta Brand freewheel to use on the bike and I got a locking nut for the rear brake. So after that walk I returned home to install my new parts.
Dicta Brand 16T free wheel
New Free wheel ready to go

Now the bike is waiting to be tested, which I will do after posting this.

Bike all ready to test

Update 7:15pm
It works. I have a few things to tighten and some reflectors and fenders to put on but it rides very nicely.