mid time

That is true I forgot that we went to Jimmy's A & A for yummy donairs and then watched with Jamie. That was all on Thursday after my day of getting my shoes wet in the snow at work, but overall the day wasn't too cold for being outside. (Maybe it was and I just don't remember.)

Tonight, I had my mechanics of solids midterm and it was pretty good. I am fairly sure that I knew how to do the first 3 questions and then the fourth one I just worked something out. However, I am really not sure about the fourth question and it didn't seem that anybody else was either. I spent about 15 minutes per question on the first three and then about an hour on the fourth and then decided that I had an answer and didn't care anymore.

I get the pleasure of working both nights this weekend instead of watching NCAA like I would rather do.

Book: - Daniel Imhoff
Song: Brand New Colony - The Postal Service, Deer Song - Barenaked Ladies (From As You Like It)