A Trip to T & T

So this afternoon we went on a trek down to T & T Supermarket on Cherry Street. It was an interesting walk only for the portion across Lakeshore blvd. where it was a bit unclear where the path/sidewalks went under the snow. We found there was a path on the opposite side of the street and used that on the way back up to the streetcar.

T & T was probably the best grocery shopping experience ever. The customers were much more agreeable than the other options here. They didn't seem like they were in a hurry or stressed. It was almost as if they went there because it was a destination and they had all day to get groceries, which may have been the case. That's why we went.

We went to see it and get some items for recipes from Heather's new Japanese-inspired cookbook. The worst part of the trip was waiting for the streetcar on the way home. We made the mistake of choosing Queen over 504 (King). We could see the bridge where the routes merge from our stop and many turned down King before any came to us. But that's ok it wasn't very cold or windy where we were standing.