Food Bank visits

On the news last night (story and video), they were talking about a report done by the Daily Bread food bank in Toronto calling for rent relief or some such thing. Anyway, that is not the part of the story that caught my attention.

The part that I noticed was the reporter on specifically mentioned how "embarrassing" it was to have to use the food bank, and how it was humiliating to need food handouts to feed children. While this is certainly true for the vast majority of food bank users, I am sure that the path to ensuring all members of our community are adequately fed does NOT include repeating the stigma associated with needing help.

I would hope in the future City TV, specifically, but the media, in general, was a bit more diplomatic. People in need are affected by how society might perceive their asking for help and if the media enforces a view that they should be looked down upon then, I suspect, they will be hesitant to ask for help they need.