Python3 Install

Last night, I spent a bunch of time using homebrew to install python3 along with the SciPy stack. The endeavour was relatively successful as the components appear to work. Numpy tests fine, but scipy and matplotlib have a bit more difficulty.

I decided to try python again because it seems that it is the prevailing language for the engineering analysis coding in my office. I am still working at getting my colleagues to use R for our team tasks, but that is slow going. Working with other teams has, at least it appears to have, pulled us out of using Excel macros/VBA. This is a positive development since I have always found following the changes in their code.

The company has an internal GitLab instance, so it will be possible, with some optimism and cajoling, to get a clearer understanding of what has changed in the code and why it has been changed. Maybe we can even setup an issues-based to do list.

We shall see.