Transit Use 2016

I have kept track of all the times I used transit since 2014. This only includes transit on the TTC, which is most of all my transit use. In 2016, I took 161 rides. These are counted in the way the TTC would charge for rides, so when I have a day pass a “ride” is counted whenever I would need to tap my Presto card or deposit a token. (If only they would have two-hour transfers, and I would use it much more often.) I have used fewer and fewer tokens as the year progressed and Presto readers appeared on more vehicles and at all the subway stations.

ddply(data16, "media", summarise, TotRides = sum(rides), TotCost = sum(cost))
##                media TotRides TotCost
## 1           Day Pass        6   12.00
## 2  Day Pass (Shared)       65   94.38
## 3               Free        2    0.00
## 4             Presto       64  176.80
## 5 Presto + token (2)       14   40.40
## 6              Token       10   26.10

My rides were paid for using: Day Passes (71), Tokens (17), Presto (71), and other (2). The Day Pass rides were generally quite cheap because the passes were used on weekends and shared with Heather.

Unsurprisingly, I used the TTC most on Saturdays when Day Passes can be shared. I walk to/from work every day so only use the TTC when I have to go somewhere outside my acceptable walking distance. I am not sure what acceptable walking distance is as it changes depending on the day/weather/time.

Total rides each month do not tell me much except that I was out a lot in April, and used transit more as the year progressed.

Year over year

Splitting my day of week out by month for the past three years shows that variation in my transit use.

## Joining by: DOW, month, years

annual_summary <- data_tot %>%
  group_by(as.factor(years)) %>%
  summarise(Annual_Cost = sum(cost), 
            Annual_Rides = sum(rides), 
            Cost_Per_Ride = round(Annual_Cost / Annual_Rides, 2))
names(annual_summary)[1] = "Year"

## # A tibble: 3 × 4
##     Year Annual_Cost Annual_Rides Cost_Per_Ride
##   <fctr>       <dbl>        <int>         <dbl>
## 1   2014      379.70          206          1.84
## 2   2015      369.30          175          2.11
## 3   2016      349.68          161          2.17

So you can see over the past three years, I have been using the TTC a bit less each year. The average cost per trip is creeping upward, and is above the TTC’s average cost per fare of $2.00.