Nokia E51

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This is my new phone. I just got it online the other day. So far I like it. It is on Fido.

Since Fido doesn't sell this phone it is unlocked and so I can switch providers in the future assuming that the new company that wins spectrum uses GSM or Telus switches to GSM.

It plays FM radio, which I listened to on the walk home today. A nice change from the iPod. It has WiFi so I deleted the gateway for it to access the net via the cell network since that costs a heinous amount of money. There is a VOIP application on it but I have yet to set anything up to use it.

All in all I think it was a good investment since I wasn't planning on getting an iPhone anyway. It will even be useful when I go on a probable trip to Europe at the end of the summer... cheap sim card there instead of expensive Fido roaming.