Weekly round-up: March 21-27


Fare evasion crackdown won’t solve all of TTC’s problems via National Post

Don't call me, I won't call you from The New York Times (if you haven't exhausted your free articles, yet)

Supporters feel burned by Whitecaps away ticket plan via @redpatchboys (Whitecaps not doing so well with off field fan relations.)

When donating to charity causes more harm than good via @heather_jewell

Teaching people to cook outside the box via @heather_jewell

Ecologies of Gold: The Past and Future Mining Landscapes of Johannesburg via Spacing (Be sure to look through the photo slide show.)

Show the Love for the Canada Research Chairs via @andrew_leach

Peter Miliken takes his last stand as Speaker from The Globe and Mail


Full Interview: Jason Fried explains why work doesn’t happen at work from CBC’s Spark (I like the idea of shorter weeks and fewer interruptions but at the same time it is hard to do that on some types of projects.)






Interesting photo by @ruk from Florida. It appears the elevator operation certificate expired August 1, 2010, which seems like quite a long time to be out of service.
Elevator Warning