Weekly round up: June 13 - 19


Let's show a little fiscal restraint here from Macleans

Stats Con from The Walrus (via Kaarina)

Settlers of Catan: A low-tech island retreat for a plugged-in generation from The Globe and Mail

The Daily Show: Canadian Oilverlords [video]

Traumatic brain injuries in the Asterix comics from Mind Hacks

The Tories' massive contradiction on supply management from The Globe and Mail

Credentialism via small dead animals [I agree with the dislike of credentialism, but not the hate of women bits. There are people blocking the path for no useful reason and they aren't necessarily women.]

Yes, they can. Got a problem with that? from The Grid TO (via @heather_jewell)

The ten-thousand mile diet from Unlimited Magazine

More micro-management, please! via @EmmMacfarlane

Downtown chow-down from The Star (via @heather_jewell)

Canada Post strike putting our honey crops at risk from The Star