Weekly round up: June 27 - July 3


`Green' jobs:  Shrewd PR, bad economics from the Globe and Mail

I was wrong about same-sex marriage from CNN (via Andrew Coyne)

Observed: Emergency? What Emergency? from National Post (A sad window on the way things are sometimes.)

Canada Post should go the way of the vinyl record from National Post

Four reasons why the Left should love the HST from The Tyee

So Rob Ford doesn't like the gay pride parade? So what? from Macleans

The three lies Canada tells about itself (via @MikePMoffatt)

Terry Milewski: an equal-opportunity offender from The Globe and Mail

Comfortably Alone from The New Inquiry (via Kaarina)

Duck rescue all in a day's work for retiring firefighter from Calgary Herald (Look at the photos too.)

Donor aversion to `unsexy' water projects threatens development goal from the Guardian

(Some of this article contains suspicious statistics, and what I think of as uncreative `sales' of sanitation/water-based development projects. Donors give to what they like or what you sell to them as `sexy', so these development groups need to be rewriting their stories. If improving the lives and education of girls doesn't get donations, then a different line of reasoning needs to be tried. There is no point in re-using the same story when it did not work so many times before. Of course, sanitation projects are very important, but it is unsurprising that they are seen as `unsexy' for development when citizens take sanitation for granted here and think it should be free.)






^ But I would not recommend that as a basis for other analysis...