Weekly round up: July 25 - 31


An inconvenient truth about Toyota from The Globe and Mail

“Majestically Scientific” Federal Study On BPA Has Stunning Findings: So Why Is The Media Ignoring It? from blogs.forbes.com

Doppelgänger Dinners from Edible Geography

Stop calling the deportees war criminals from National Post

Conservative "war criminal" roundup is made for TV spectacle from National Post

You have nothing to fear from Wi-Fi from Ottawa Citizen

So crazy it just might work: The trillion-dollar coin solution from The Economist

Airplane beverage options from The Oatmeal [via Heather. I don't completely agree because I drink ginger ale other times, but close enough.]

New audits find Niagara Parks Commission abused expenses from The Globe and Mail

Block that metaphor: A nation is not a family from The Globe and Mail

Seven Double Standards from monbiot.com

Mystery surrounds loss of artifacts, records 10 years after 9/11 from The Toronto Star [via Heather]

Alomar 'blessed to play for a great city' from mlb.com








^ My office mate's OCEPP presentation discussing her paper, "Bridging the Gap: The Potential Role of the Engineer in Addressing Ontario's Water Infrastructure Deficit" (available here [as a PDF, but you need to add .pdf for it to work] from PEO).