Weekly roundup: August 22 - 28


Jack Layton's passing is a Canadian Tragedy from National Post

The real Ottawa is in the shadows of the monuments from Ottawa Citizen

New kid on tap shuns saturated market from Financial Post

Lawyers targeted over charity tax schemes from The Globe and Mail

Palmed Away from The New Adventures of Stephen Fry

Alberta loses as Stelmach gets his Mounties from National Post [A contrast to the story last week that the RCMP will stay in Alberta through 2032. I don't agree with this opinion and neither do many of the commentors. Having a national police force with local focus is valuable because of all the in-house expertise that can be brought in from across the country.]

On Tap

Nick Helm's password joke is Edinburgh Fringe funniest from BBC News [I like 5 and 9 also.]

Inventive warfare from The Economist

Community's "Paradigms of Human Memory" from Slate

Taxation and representation from Ottawa Citizen

Why political coverage is broken from PressThink.org

Layton’s funeral was fitting for a man of the people from National Post

Jack Layton: You don't know what you've got till it's gone from The Globe and Mail









Belize's GST awareness video