Weekly roundup: September 5 - 11


The value of eggheads from Economist.com

Barriers to entry in the legal profession: Not enough lawyers? from The Economist

Making water the new oil from National Post [I don't agree completely with him, but I think there needs to be a more nuanced view of both water and oil. Water consumption reported in per capita terms is misleading because it includes industrial consumption spread out over the population, but there is nothing an individual can do to curb that consumption on their own. International comparisons are frequently put up as indications we are over-using, but the values are not found using the same methods as noted on this Environment Canada page, so they may be misleading for methodological reasons alone and ignoring the picking and choosing of countries to include on the lists.]

Why your teenager can't use a hammer from Macleans

Water Rights: All wet from National Post [Unsurprising view from a law prof and a fellow of a free market think tank. However, I think it is a good analysis of the issue of water as a human right with no qualification of quantity or quality. Related Letter to the Editor]

A market for water from Financial Post

Better ways to help poor families than a lower gas tax from The Globe and Mail

Making pollution cheaper for everyone from Ottawa Citizen

Reassessing the pedestrian scramble from National Post

To Hell with Good Intentions by Ivan Illich








Tchaikovsky Timelapse from joe clarke on Vimeo.

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