Weekly roundup: September 12 - 18


In for the long haul with nuclear from Toronto Star

Does your car have a spare tire? Are you sure? from The Globe and Mail

Economists still have work to do, Ontario Edition from Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

Impressed by Doug Ford’s backroom vision for the Toronto Port Lands? Take a look at Mayor Bert Xanadu’s vision for the Toronto Islands: “The Islands in my Brain.” from Spacing

CUPE threatens centrist Councillor over Twitter post from Toronto Star [I don't always agree with what my city Councillor says/how he votes but this is a bit ridiculous from a city union.] The tweet in question:


Linguistics: Say What? from The Economist

Ray Anderson: The carpet-tile philosopher from The Economist

Jerks (open letter, September 8, 2011) from U.S. Ambassador to Germany

Ethics 101 from Ottawa Citizen

No Mere Budget Cut from Water Canada

Gamers need hugs from Maclean's

Stupid travel complaints from Toronto Star

Calm, reasoned voice makes itself heard above spin and fury of oilsands rhetoric from Edmonton Journal [Neat profile of an economist I follow on twitter.]

Inside the entitlement generation from The Globe and Mail










^ As we're in an election in Ontario.