Weekly roundup: January 2-8


Rebuilding a Transit City from SteveMunro.ca

Training a cat to walk on a leash from The New York Times [via Heather]

No, really, the suburbs can’t support subways from johnmcgrath.ca

Density and subways, revisited from johnmcgrath.ca

Should Ontario keep funding Catholic schools? Yes from Ottawa Citizen [I don’t agree but the writer makes an argument that can be argued with, which is a nice change.]

Why you can’t find heritage poultry from The Globe and Mail

Canada needs a foreign affairs culture from The Globe and Mail

Let’s save transit from disaster this year from The Grid TO

Calgary 2012: Cultural Capital of Canada celebrating score of centennials this year from Calgary Herald

I was Kim Jong Il’s cook from The Atlantic

Audit questions Ottawa’s oversight of first-nations infrastructure from The Globe and Mail

The genius of walk-up apartments from Spacing.ca

Either the Tories are destroying Canada, or they’re not from National Post

Ralph Klein should receiver Order of Canada before it is too late from powerplayblog.CTV.ca

Supply management on the table from Ottawa Citizen

Canada picked its Kandahar moment from The Globe and Mail [Read the same column with post script on Doug Saunders’ site]


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Brooklyn’s Rube Goldberg from The New York Times [Amusing contraption he builds at the end.]