Weekly roundup: January 9-15


Chocolate milk making a comeback in schools from National Post

Liberals’ top-down view of federalism out of date from Toronto Star

Cronies pile up in the ‘dumping ground’ from Ottawa Citizen

A tax break that’s bad for business from Toronto Star

Because one day, Tories, you’ll be out of office too from The Globe and Mail

Crux of Liberal convention is one of existence itself from National Post

FED #113 The Boss of All Books (City Librarian Jane Pyper) from Porkosity

Spend oil wealth on hospitals, not oil extraction from The Globe and Mail

Politicians shouldn’t decide what’s on library shelves, librarians should from National Post

Justice Minister declares all same-sex marriages legal and valid from The Globe and Mail

Shoddy reporting and cheap politics create a phony crisis from National Post

Wise lessons for Liberals from Dalton McGuinty from The Globe and Mail

Hi Ho, Ontario from Seven Days

The Liberals: Controlled flight into terrain from Maclean’s


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