Weekly roundup: January 16-22


Toronto’s Library system is a model of efficiency (so why does Rob Ford want to cut it?) from Ford For Toronto

Toronto’s first city-owned rink in 40 years: A Leaside success story from National Post [Council approved it.]

It’s a perilous—and political—road from evidence to policy from National Post

Name Klein to Order of Canada from Edmonton Journal

Eating alone – A recipe for getting to know ourselves better from Toronto Star

Is singular citizenship too much to ask of a potential PM? from National Post

Two passports? No problem from National Post

Convicted man returns to thank the judge from Toronto Star

Hospital trays deliver change to patients’ diets from The Globe and Mail

How many Stephen Colberts are there? from The New York Times Magazine [via Heather, long but worthwhile]

CodeRed gears up to fight for a better way from National Post [You can get flyers to hand out on CodeRed’s site]

East Van cinema gains a liquor license, loses right to show movies from The Globe and Mail

Policy for the neuronally challenged from Ottawa Citizen


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