Weekly roundup: January 30-February 5


Think Highway 407 tolls are bad? Try driving in Orange County, California from Toronto Star [Imagine having to pay the full price of using a road... wouldn’t that make sense.]

Splitting Great Lakes, Mississippi may cost $9.5 billion, but report says it’s worth it from Washington Post

The Socialist Car from Metropolis Magazine

Underdog millionaire from Ottawa Citizen

‘Deniers’ threaten quick action on ageing-population problems from National Post

Are the Conservatives orchestrating pre-budget debate? from Toronto Star

Federal bureaucrats posed as ‘new Canadians’ for Sun News event from The Globe and Mail

Why free Statscan data is good for all Canadians from The Globe and Mail

Stephen Colbert is winning the war against the Supreme Court and Citizens United from Slate

When it comes to culture, what’s worth saving? from Metro News [Having spent a good share of my university weekend evenings seeing movies at The Uptown, I can’t imagine it being gone.]

Nasty as Caterpillar may be, it had something the community wanted: jobs from National Post

Renters rebel against ‘cult of home ownership’ from Calgary Herald

Is GPS all in our heads? from The New York Times

Planning experts blast Ford’s Eglinton Crosstown strategy from The Globe and Mail


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