Weekly roundup: February 20-26


Spending won’t fix what ails U.S. infrastructure from Bloomberg

A Catholic teachers association looks to ban WiFi. What’s next? Coffee? from The Globe and Mail

When it comes to grub, think global from spiked

We won’t let C-30 limit our freedoms without a fight from National Post

Shameful firing of TTC manager widens gap between Ford and councillors from The Globe and Mail

The pros and cons of height: Yonge street panel stresses importance of great tower design from YongeStreet

In search of higher fat butter from The Globe and Mail

Hefty severance for ex-TTC honcho from Toronto Sun

Elections Canada investigating ‘robocalls’ that misled voters from Ottawa Citizen

The myth of the eight-hour sleep from BBC

Will no one rid us of these turnout nerds? from Maclean’s

The real Linsanity from National Post

Against TED from The New Inquiry


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To go with the above article against TED, I present my favourite TED talk.

[ted id=374]