Weekly roundup: April 9-15


The cuts aren’t so bad, crybabies from The Network

[^ But for the game show and hockey bit, I mostly agree that cancelling shows people like is a dumb way of showing one’s management acumen. There are marginal shows and in this day there are other venues for such shows. Look at Search Engine, which TVO picked up after CBC decided it did not fit their objectives. The media landscape has changed in the past 76 years, and perhaps it is time for a look at the CBC’s mandate and structure to get a better product.]

Peter MacKay’s defence of F-35 price gap doesn’t add up from National Post

Stop the navel-gazing [national strategy] from Financial Post

Measuring success by how much you spent on a program: A renewable energy example from Knowledge Problem

What would a truly liberal, Liberal party look like from Postmedia News

Province needs to come on board to help with the air-rail link Toronto needs from Toronto Star [op-ed]

Auditor-General’s F-35 accounting complaints are déjà vu for Peter MacKay from National Post

Cherry’s salary makes him a big, fat target for CBC cuts from The Globe and Mail [read past the Don Cherry stuff because it gets into interesting CBC mandate stuff.]

Wrong turn grants glimpse behind North Korean curtain from Associated Press

Nick Offerman on Scotch, Meat, and Making Love to Megan Mullally in Diners from Grub Street

The perils of panflation from The Economist

Education in Peru: Error message from The Economist


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