Weekly roundup: August 20-26


The human factor named “Simon Hradecky” and the team of man and machine from The Aviation Herald

Quick-thinking Joyce helps save a woman’s life from MLB.com

Even the wealthy can barely afford Canadian justice from National Post

On the Jack Layton vigil: ‘Imagine’ we just ‘Let It Be’ from National Post

Pop and the tax question from The Walrus

FED #142: The Arborist (Todd Irvine)

Attendance Shaming: Why do we care who attends a game? from Platoon Advantage

Coyote research traps pulled form park after outcry from Calgary Herald [Traps in 'on leash' area should not be a concern for dog owners because unless they go exploring near the traps and their dog gets stuck.]

The Cup is ours: a manifesto from Maclean’s

Neil Armstrong breaks silence to give accountants moon exclusive from The Guardian

Obituary: Neil Armstrong from The Economist


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