Weekly roundup: September 10 - 16


Will the e-book kill the footnote? [The New York Times]

The hunt for false citizens: CBSA crackdown comes after years of investigation [National Post]

Second Ross Shep teacher risks his career in defiance of No Zeros policy [Edmonton Journal]

Why Globe readers did (or didn’t) make the iPhone switch [The Globe and Mail]

A primer for Joan Crockett on a backbencher’s job [Routine Proceedings]

Peter Lougheed, Mr. Alberta, dies at age 84 [The Globe and Mail]

Peter Lougheed, R.I.P. [Maclean’s]

The problem of reproducibility [Chance]

Edmonton teacher fired over his [opposition] to no-zero policy [Calgary Herald] (This is a different teacher than the one from the article above. This one entered the news in the late spring.)

U.S. taxpayers are gouged on mass transit costs [Bloomberg View]

Labor rules snarl U.S. commuter trains [Bloomberg View]

A taxpayer’s apology for asking how the government spent her money [National Post]

My trip to see the oil sands [Worthwhile Canadian Initiative]


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^via my friend Tyson’s blog Getting Excited, Making Things