Weekly roundup: October 8-14


Frachophones doing better than average Canadian: report [Metro]

Raining on Civic Action’s 32 minute parade [SteveMunro.ca]

Fear not China [Financial Post]

Toronto to get tougher on downspout-disconnection law [Toronto Star]

‘Amusement park infrastructure’ threatens national parks, say experts [Calgary Herald]

WestJet names new regional airline ‘Encore’ [Calgary Herald]

How Europe’s Roma problem became ours [National Post]

Plagiarism alleged in some Canadian refugee board decisions [The Globe and Mail]

A guide to the NHL and the six people you meet in lockout hell [Grantland]

It’s not easy being green [Literary Review of Canada]

A homegrown solution to Toronto’s transit-funding woes [National Post]

James Coyne: A father, Rhodes scholar and Bank of Canada Governor [The Globe and Mail]

‘A man of the highest principle’ [Winnipeg Free Press]


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