Weekly roundup: October 15-21


The hidden price of public-private partnerships [The Globe and Mail]

The only real story in Ontario: prorogation [Maclean’s]

Getting to know Al Roth and Lloyd Shapley, this year’s Nobel laureates in economics [Washington Post]

Why Justin Trudeau runs the risk of policy by association [The Globe and Mail]

In Canada, credibility trumps power. And it isn’t even close. [National Post]

Ontario teachers’ union gets failing grade on report card protest [National Post]

House of Commons no longer a source of wonder for journalist [Toronto Star]

Blank Cheque: Parliament’s financial blindfold [iPolitics.ca]

Toronto’s use of municipal by-laws lacks diversity and sense [National Post]

One governor to another: The legacies of James Elliott Coyne [Financial Post]

McGuinty prorogation shows Canada’s parliamentary democracy becoming increasingly ceremonial [National Post]


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The Unemployed Doctor Show from CBC’s White Coat, Black Art