Weekly roundup November 12-18

Settling into life in Ottawa. Driving to work every day is a big change from walking to the university and around Toronto all the time. Even had a good dinner at a Mexican place in ByWard Market, Ahora. It was quite tasty and I ran into a friend from UofT.


So long, it has been good to know you [Ottawa Citizen]

Isn't it time to wise up to the wise guys? [Maclean’s]

The Masonic Temple is the latest heritage building to face an uncertain future. Why can't we get our (Ontario Heritage) Act together? [National Post]

The problem isn’t giving people money when they don’t work... It’s taking it away when they do [National Post]

Zurich’s tram system fits seamlessly in to city life [Urban Current]

Visualizing the way Americans value water [Fast Co.exist]


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Non-fiction book? There’s an app for that [CBC Here & Now] (Listen to the 6 minute clip)