Weekly roundup November 26 - December 2


Rob Ford’s removal is just... even if the law that turfed him is not [National Post]

Booting Toronto’s mayor wasn’t ‘judicial activism’. Letting him stay would have been [The Globe and Mail]

‘We don’t fund NGOs for life:’ Fantino warns aid agencies worried about frozen CIDA money [National Post]

Moving beyond first-past-the-post [National Post]

Elections Canada gets phone records in 56 ridings in vote-suppression probe [Ottawa Citizen]

Car prices just went up [Ottawa Citizen]

6 ideas every city should steal from Barcelona [The Atlantic Cities]

Canada-EU free trade talk leaks highlight the absurdity of trade negotiation logic [National Post]

Statistical illiteracy may lead to parents irrationally worrying about Autism [Simply Statistics]


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^ I have a ‘88 Olympics banner like these.

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