Weekly roundup January 7 - 13


Government allows police to operate in a vacuum of accountability over aboriginal protestors [National Post] (If we have a government responsible for the policies and laws they enact then it is necessary that when those policies fail someone in the government, not the public service alone, must take responsibility. Keeping in mind that doing nothing is a policy choice whether selected by choice or default.)

The jaw-dropping benefits of cross-country skiing [The Globe and Mail]

The Federal government is not a small business [Bloomberg]

Sarnia police force’s refusal to act on rail blockade trouble judge [Canada.com] (If the police cannot be relied upon to enforce the reasoned orders of the court, then they should resign their posts so that those willing to fulfill the full duties can take their place.)

Parking in 140 characters or less: New signs simplify parking rules [The New York Observer]

Your Canadian Forces rescuers are here,  will that be cash or cheque? [National Post]

Air Safety: Difference Engine: Up, up and away [The Economist]

Hamilton’s identity crisis: PR firm’s online blunders create ‘face-palm’ moment for Canada’s ninth-largest city [National Post]

Graphic: Follow the aid money to Canada’s ‘Countries of Focus’ [National Post]


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