Weekly roundup January 14 - 20


Dalhousie women’s hockey team suspended for minor ‘hazing’ rituals that ended with a pajama party [National Post]

Carry on with sewage plan despite $100M price increase, councilors tells staff [Ottawa Citizen]

Cartoons: Triumph of the nerds [The Economist]

Struggle is the enemy, weeds is the remedy: the truth about marijuana in North Korea [nknews.org]

No good reason for government handouts to corporations [National Post]

Locals fume as Quebec forces [Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts] to use only French [The Globe and Mail]

Canada’s $20 bill depicts a non-native maple species. What else is wrong with it? [National Post]

Tsuu T’ina Nation mourns decorated WWII veteran [Calgary Herald]

This guy could be president (Bill Murray profile) [GQ]

Killer quinoa? Time to debunk these urban food myths [The Globe and Mail]


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