Weekly roundup April 22 - 28


Leaside a reflection of those who built it [Toronto Sun]

Video shows developers plans to sway city council [Calgary Herald]

Canada Post says they hold the trademark on the words ‘postal code’ [Canada.com]

Andrew Scheer’s ruling shows he’s more loyal to his conscience than the party whip [National Post]

Time to change the message on gun control [National Post]

Fake [The Greater Fool] (related to this Toronto Star story)

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Speaker’s ruling on MPs a victory – but a hollow one [Ottawa Citizen]

Is your wardrobe killing Bangladeshis or saving them? [The Globe and Mail]

I wish this neighborhood stayed exactly as gentrified as it was when I first moved here [College Humor]


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^ This is an excellent reminiscence by Stephen Harper from Leaside’s 100th Anniversary party yesterday night.