Year in Review 2017

2017: Year in Review

We’ve reached the end of 2017 and it is time to look back at things that happened.

I travelled even more than last year. For pleasure, I met my sister in Montreal for a 4 day weekend and we ate all the food, then I went home to Calgary where I saw many people. For work, I went to Los Angeles six times, to Manchester, UK once (5 days) and to Calgary once (a day trip!!). All this travel happened on 22 flights that covered ~62,000 km.

I cooked and baked some new things:

I read a bunch of good books (see my goodreads page)

I made fewer contributions to the Open Street Map, but kept up some Missing Maps tasks, HOT tasks and random additions to Brazil. See where I have been mapping and zoom in to see the areas in more detail.

My favorite photos that I took: Foggy Landing

Foggy Landing at LAX

Central Library Rotunda

Los Angeles Central Library Rotunda

Water and Light

Water and Light in Pittsburgh